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Today’s blog comes from guest writer, Yelisa R. Read more about Yelisa at the bottom of this article.

How can a person learn more about Crystals?

You’re reading this, so you’re on the right track as my advice for all those who wish to learn more about crystals is to read a lot about them, and trust your intuition on which ones feel right for you.  Most crystals have similar properties, and others have properties that manifest differently for different people so there is always more to learn about them. 

How can I benefit the most from crystals?

As individuals, we have our conscious and subconscious mind. The latter is where we open or close ourselves to energy.  Wanting crystal healing consciously isn’t enough.  Setting intentions to bring both the subconscious and the conscious mind into alignment is what I have found yields best results in any type of energy healing. 

Intention setting will be a personal ritual allowing you to find that place within where you can consciously tap into your subconscious.  It will be very individual for each person, so read and find out what others do, and make it your own.

Having the help and support of crystals is important and beneficial but you have to understand that you cannot make them responsible of your own life.  This is why setting intentions is so important; and ultimately, you have to take the necessary actions that commune with your intentions.

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How does Energy Work?

Energy vibrates at different levels.  What you feel as good energy is high vibrational energy and what you feel as bad/negative energy is energy that vibrates at a lower level that might be condensed or not (this condensation is also what creates energy blockages).  So the same way tuning forks end up vibrating at the same frequency, so do people around other people.  Energy flows through our body so when there’s a blockage, that free flow is interrupted. 

Natural stones vibrate at a high vibrational level and there are some that have the ability to transmute low vibrational energy into high vibrational energy.  When you wear crystals, these help you vibrate at their level but they also pick up pollution from the environment and from your own energy.  This is why frequent cleansing is very important.


I am not a physician and the information in this article is not to be taken as medical information nor used to replace medical treatment.    Crystals are a spiritual aid and you are ultimately responsible of taking the actions needed to change your own life.

About Yelisa

I have been interested in crystals and stones ever since I was 14.  I had the luxury of growing up with a mom that was always open to any type of learning that could make us a better person.  I learned Tai chi, astrology, about crystals and their properties, about chakras, meditation and many other self-help and holistic healing techniques.  My favorites always were crystals and meditation.  As a young teenager, I started making jewelry and was able to make it a side business while I worked in a traditional career environment. Through a meditation group, I was introduced to Reiki.  In 2010 I became a mom and felt I wanted to be more present in my daughter’s life. There was not much time leftover after being a full time Stay at Home Mom.  So I learned to prioritize my passion. I combined Reiki, Crystals and Jewelry and found a way to help others live and experience the amazing benefit of Reiki Imbued crystal Jewelry and opened my online shop at

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