My New Reiki Room

As of January 2018 I have a brand new space set up in my home dedicated to Reiki!


Surrounded by warm wood tones, dimmed lights, the flickering of candles and the scent of essential oils the space is an oasis from the every-day hustle and bustle.  This is a sanctuary of healing and relaxation.


Because I use the space exclusively for Reiki sessions multiple times a week it has built up an eddy of Reiki energy that you can feel when you settle into it.  as Joao Antao Marques states in an article titled “The Sacredness of a Reiki Space”, “Personally I consider my Reiki room as a sacred space and prepare it accordingly.”



My preparation includes:

  • a grounding and gratitude meditation
  • energetic cleansing of the space, table, tools and myself
  • selecting relaxing music and essential oils to support my client’s needs
  • setting a specific intention for the space and the Reiki session
  • inviting spirit guides meaningful to my client to be a part of the session

My sacred Reiki space is prepared for every client, every time.  Creating a space that is unique to you each time you come into my Reiki room will allow you to relax more and be even more open to the transformative Reiki energy.

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