Of My Own Heart

This evening I convinced my 8 year-old son to hop up on my reiki table. “Convince” is too strong a word. I offered him the opportunity and he JUMPED at it. The boy has been raised on reiki and is no stranger to the mystic power of energy healing. But this session was different from previous times.

Little sis had to get in on the action too.

In the past, I’ve offered him reiki when he was sick, injured or just settling into bed.  A very casual and quick affair. Today, he got to come down to my reiki room and lie on the warm table like a “real” reiki client. He listened to the soothing music and smelled the essential oils in the air.

I did a short visualization with him, the one I almost always use with my clients. He connected with the supportive earth energy immediately and the reiki energy passed unhindered into his small but strong body.

I immedietly picked up on some friend drama at school, some communication difficulties and was led into a deeper, sadder experience I wasn’t expecting to touch.

My dear boy has a sad place in his heart. A feeling of not being enough. A feeling that I can all too well relate to.  It wasn’t something we were ready to discuss yet, so I simply cranked up the reiki and let the divine energy do its thing.

I am now inspired to commit more time to giving each of my children more reiki. That doesn’t always have to look like a “table session”. I do have the knowledge and ability to do it “distantly”. This means I can send them healing anytime, anyplace and don’t necessarily have to put my hands on them.

Reiki is literally divinely guided universal life force energy and all that it needs is the opportunity to work. It’s guaranteed to do no harm and always work to the recipient’s highest good. So all I need to do is tune in, set an intention and let it flow. My children will benefit. I will benefit. My community and universe will benefit. I see no wrong there!

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