A Chance To Take A Breath

‘Ahhhh’… I’ve just returned home from a most revitalizing massage.

My life has been plagued with stress and difficulty lately. My family has been affected by the government shut down. Holiday ramp up, roll out and wear down has taken its toll. My business is keeping me busier! My children are growing, experiencing and having more snow days off from school than I’d prefer.

My stress level has been off the chart. My anxiety has gotten the better of me more than once. And my depression has reared its ugly head.

Photo by Sydney Sims on Unsplash

I’ve been thru some stuff recently but today’s massage gave me a moment to take a breath, left me feeling lighter, so much more relaxed and clearer headed.

My cup has been run dry but my dear friend Katie (www.ACelticTouch.com) has truly helped me put a few drops back in. She has given me an opportunity to escape the out of control carnival ride that my mind has put me on…at least temporarily – and sometimes that exctly the right place to start.

Thank you Katie!

So much of my self talk recently has been very unhelpful and today helped to reinforce the idea that I can reach outside of myself for self-care needs and that I need to do it more often; because, if it’s not on the calendar, It’s probably NOT happening.

More about Katie & A Celtic Touch

Kathryn Pender, LMT
Certified Massage Therapist
offers online booking for Swedish massage, Cupping, Medical massage, Aromatherapy, Hot Stone, and much more!

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