Mad Scientist or Evil Genius? 

Warning, explicit language.

I was listening to a podcast recently, and a second hand quote was mentioned. Paraphrasing…

“You are NOT the voice of your mind.You are the HEARER of the voice of your mind. “

So it turns out that our minds are these MAD geniuses always coming up with ideas, solutions, opinions and observations.  Not always rooted in truth. But usually focused toward survival (sometimes in a very maladaptive way).


Mind: Shit girl, how much did you eat already today? That may have been too much. Do you think you’re going to try that again tomorrow. Cuz you certainly did it yesterday!

Me: fuck. You’re right. I’m so weak, I am a fat useless waste.

Mind: certainly are. Especially if we keep this bullshit up.

Me: you’re right. I feel terrible. I’m never doing that again. And just to make sure I don’t do damage today, I’m going to add an extra 20 min of workout and only drink water and eat an apple for dinner.No food past 6pm or before 8am. And for breakfast and on to eternity, this is exactly what I’ll eat and when [makes insane food plan for life]

Mind: yes! That is manageable. We got this now!

Imagine if “Mind” was replaced by “Maria”. Who in their “right mind” would ever listen to a beloved friend talk to them this way. Let them be bullied into action that wasn’t well thought out or executed?!?

I’m so effing guilty of this.

I am grateful for this new level of mindfulness. And am already putting it to practice

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