Tarot & Intuition

Something new I’ve been doing for myself is putting more focus on my tarot cards. Tarot is not a parlor trick or a devil’s gateway.  It IS a way to connect to your intuition and see messages you wouldn’t otherwise see.

Recently I was turned on to a book called “365 Tarot Spreads: Revealing The Magic In Each Day”.  It’s a fun book with a tarot spread for each day of the calendar.  Now not every spread is applicable to that day – for instance, one day in mid October it was a spread for planning your wedding.  Uhhh…that one came to me about 14 years too late.  So clearly this book can be used as a daily “devotional” or as a spread reference using the glossary.

Boy wasn’t I surprised (insert sarcasm) when Facebook started advertising other Tarot products to me.  One of which I actually bought (are you surprised? LOL).  I bought the “Writual Sacred Planner” for the remainder of 2020 and all of 2021.  It’s AWESOME.  It has space each day to do a 3 card spread and to journal about it.  

Last week’s 3-card spreads were all about “energy of the day, Focus on and Avoid”.  I attempted to do it daily but quickly realized that that wasn’t in my natural rhythm.

This week’s spreads are about Strengths, Weaknesses and Advice.  I sat down and did the whole week and it felt amazing!  Now I have a whole week of intuitional guidance and a way to warn my husband that Sunday may be a “down day” for me.

It’s freaky and encouraging to see these messages.  I love tapping into my intuition as a way to make decisions and inspire personal actions.  Trusting my intuition has not always been a skill I had.  But in recent years, I’ve surrendered to my inner knowing with great results and now it is one of the ways that I work my spirituality into my every day life.

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