A new idea is blooming

Photo by Casey Horner on Unsplash

I am so excited!!  I was contacted by a new person, let’s call her Jane*, who was looking for sound bath opportunities.  Oh, sound baths! How I miss you.  Unfortunately, due to COVID, my business has not yet resumed in-person services.  The close quarters coupled with the exposure risks and at-risk family members has kept my doors tightly shut.  

I have been able to offer distance reiki sessions and those have been wonderful!  I had not expected distance reiki to be so rewarding – but it is an amazing journey for both me and the receiver.  Sadly, that is the only service I’ve been able to offer in my private practice…until now!

Jane was wanting to book a sound bath for herself and her friend.  I quickly responded to her request with my regrets but told her that I was now inspired to figure out a way to offer a small group sound bath in a safe and socially distanced way.  

A flood of ideas immediately overtook me!  Carefully I picked through them and began working out the logistics of my newest experimental offering: Forest & Sound Bath for Two.

As many of you know, I recently moved – from the suburbs to the country.  My backyard is spacious, green and partially forested. I just knew right away that I had to figure out the logistics of doing something outdoors!

The idea of forest bathing came to mind.  How could I incorporate forest bathing and sound bathing? EUEKA! I will offer small group sound baths set up in my forested area!

Jane and her friend will be my first bathers in the new format and I hope they will quickly be followed by many more as the weather turns beautiful and the fall colors explode. 

*Name has been changed for privacy


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